mi2b2 Client for RPDR

A tool customized for the MGB community

Medical images provide an ever increasing number of sensitive diagnostic approaches to disease, such as the use of susceptibility weighted and diffusion tensor MR imaging in the evaluation of brain trauma. Initially developed with the support of an ARRA supplement to the Harvard Catalyst, the Medical Imaging Informatics Bench to Bedside (mi2b2) workbench aims to facilitate searching, acquiring, and previewing image data in PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) where clinical images are stored. It serves as a bridge between a user and the PACS, which may be housed across multiple institutions and departments (e.g. radiology, cardiology, or neurology). This new release of the mi2b2 workbench enables researchers of the MGB Community to couple the use of the Research Patient Data Registry to the mi2b2 workbench’s ability to access medical images stored in the MGB's network PACS systems.

Research Patient Data Registry (RPDR)

Each user is provided with a personalized mi2b2 workbench, directly configured to the specific cohort of each project and delivered in a folder along with the encrypted RPDR data results. For this to happen, the user needs to use the RPDR Query tool and the RPDR Data Acquisition Engine (Image Request Wizard) to submit a clinical (and/or imaging) data request. For instructions on how to use the RPDR to request a mi2b2 workbench, please follow:

Note: RPDR is a MGB-only tool. It requires Internet Explorer or your Mac to be configured by PEAS. You must be logged on to a MGB workstation or connected to the MGB network via VPN.

The Research Patient Data Registry (RPDR) is a centralized clinical data registry, or data warehouse. The RPDR gathers data from various hospital legacy systems and stores it in one place. Researchers access this data using the RPDR online Query Tool with user-defined queries of RPDR data for aggregate patient totals and, with proper IRB approval, obtain detailed clinical data.

In order to use the RPDR, a person must first become registered in the RPDR system. Registration is handled differently for faculty vs. non-faculty members.

  • A faculty member is defined as an attending physician or other research staff (such as a PhD or nurse researcher) who has a title of Instructor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Professor, or Lecturer at the Harvard Medical School (HMS). Additionally, in order to become an RPDR user, the HMS user must be affiliated with a MGB institution. Faculty members can self-register to become a Faculty Sponsor from the RPDR homepage.
  • A non-faculty member is eligible to use the RPDR as a workgroup member. The Faculty Sponsor (Workgroup Leader) can add non-faculty members to their RPDR workgroup. Access will then be granted to the RPDR for the non faculty member. Faculty Sponsors can add workgroup members from the RPDR homepage.